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Cleaning and maintenance of laminated panels
Any adhesive material that might remain after panel installation can be removed with an adhesive solvent. It is not recommended to continuously use a solvent to clean the panels. Laminated panels can easily be cleaned with water and soap using a non-abrasive rag. Coffee, tea or other type of more difficult stains can be removed by using a light soap, it is important to not scrub any surfaces for more than 10 or 20 times as it can damage the panel finishes. It is important not to use any chemical products nor any abrasive cleansers. If the panel finish came in contact with any such cleaning product rinse and dry immediately. Abrasive brushes or tampons can scratch the finish or remove some of its luster while creating the possibility for additional stains to appear. The panel finish can also be damaged if pointed objects or knifes of any kind are used directly on it.
Cleaning and general maintenance of glazed surfaces

It is recommended not to use any blades or knifes on any glazed surfaces as it can cause permanent damages. When paint or any construction material can’t be cleaned off the glazed surfaces with the use of water and soap, use anew razor blade. Razor blades can only be used on small areas and must always be used in one direction. Never use a razorblade in a back and forth movement, it could scratch the glass permanently. This could cause small scratches that might only be visible under special lighting conditions.

Things to do

Clean glass panes by always starting at its top and working toward its bottom. Clean glazed surfaces with water and soap regularly
Use a non-abrasive cleaning product for glass – Use a squeegee to remove the water and soap mixture. Dry the joints and frames from any cleaning liquid

Things to not do :

Cleaning tinted and film applied glass under a bright sun
Leave dirt and dust on glazed surfaces for extended period of time.
Allow metallic component of cleaning instrument to come in contact with glazed surfaces
Allow abrasive particles between to lodge itself between rag and glass surface

Important to know
If a glass surface is slightly scratched it is sometimes possible to repair it with cerium oxide glass polish.

Cleaning and general maintenance of anodized aluminum
Anodized aluminum is simple to clean or maintain simply by using a paint brush or a sponge with water. If any stains remain use a light detergent in water with your paint brush or sponge. Clean in a horizontal movement first and then with a vertical movement.

Recommended cleaning products
-Windex (or equivalent) for commercial use to clean glass
-K2 to clean anodized aluminum

Maintenance manual

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