Why choose Techniwall’s walls?

All of our demountable wall solutions offers:

Sustainability (LEED)

Both our framed T200 and our butt-edged T100 systems are sustainable:

A. Both solutions have infrastructures independent from their finishing skins making it possible to source the solid panels and doors locally within an 800 km (500 mile) radius.
B. The raw material used for the production of solid panels can come from certified wood forests (FSC).
C. The T200 and T100 can use panels made from quickly renewable material.
D. The T200 and T100 can use panels made with a percentage of pre-consumed material.
E. The T200 and T100 can use panels made with a percentage of post-consumed material.
F. Solid panels can be mill worked within an 800 km (500 mile) radius from the installation site.
G. All 10mm and 12mm glass can be sourced within an 800 km (500 mile) radius from the installation site.
H. T200 has independent finishing skins finished on each surfaces, therefore allowing the possibility to double the life of each finishing skin by simply flipping damaged panels.
I. When T200 and T100 have reached the end of their functional life all of the steel, aluminum and glass components can be recycled.
J. Solid modules can be laminated or veneered with UF free material.
K. Component based systems offer the possibility to reuse 100% of their components when reconfigured in a different location, when the same configuration and layout are used. For different reconfigurations, the T200 allows for a maximum reuse of existing components.
L. T200 & T100 can influence up to 22 LEED categories

A clean and quick installation

A standard sized office is built with 2 workers in a single day. All our solutions are mechanically fastened without the use of glue, paint, or solvents. Installation is dust and odors free with minimal disruption to employees and customers.

Flexibility and adaptability

A. T200 and T100 engineering solutions allows construction and extension in 2, 3 or 4 way conditions without removal of adjacent panels.
B. T200 solution can accommodate up to a combined 2 3/4 inch (69.85mm) floor to ceiling irregularity within a 10 foot section. Bottom tracks can be used in heights of 2 inches (50.80 mm) for a base adjustment of 2″ and top tracks in heights of 2 inches (50.80mm) for a top adjustment of 1″.
C. T100 solution can accommodate up to a combined 1 1/2 inches (38.10mm) floor to ceiling irregularities within a 10 foot section. T100 solution offers different bottom tracks to increase adjustability in severe floor variations.
D. T200 solution has the ability to be installed directly above floor slabs, finished flooring, raised flooring or carpeted flooring and below ceiling slabs and suspended ceilings. As well T200 solution can be installed between finished walls with non-permanent fixations.
E. T200 solution offers universal hanging capacity and can accommodate furniture and millwork manufactured by others with a maximum load bearing capacity of 127kg (280lbs).
F. T200 solution can accept electrical wiring between its skins or in its ceiling or floor tracks. It can use quick connect system or standard wiring by an electrician. All the quick connect components used by TechniWall are UL certified.
G. T200 and T100 solutions offer the possibility of a floor to ceiling full height or freestanding construction. The maximum free-standing length that T200 solutions can be built into without any bracing walls or connection to the ceiling is 12 linear feet, T100 solutions maximum uninterrupted run is 10 linear feet. Longer runs require stability bracing.
H. TechniWall T200 and T100 solutions work together allowing seamless use of both systems side by side

or T100 can be installed above the T200 to create a butt-edge transom.

I. Our component based systems offer the possibility to extend and reduce modules in height and in width by either changing the configuration from vertical to horizontal or by adding segments to increase the height or cutting them down to reduce reconfigured heights.

A positive return on investment

TechniWall’s architectural walls allow accelerated depreciation as they are considered moveable.
TechniWall’s architectural walls usually yield positive cash flow on their first reconfiguration, as their reconfiguration costs is minimal versus the standard construction cost of demolition, disposal and reconstruction.
All subsequent reconfigurations add to financial advantage of investment in moveable walls.

Indirect savings

Techniwall architectural demountable modular wall solutions provide many indirect savings:
Savings on floor finishing
As Techniwall solutions are installed above the floor finishing the only cutting the floor finishing supplier will have to do will be around the exterior walls and around the columns. Because our walls can come after the installation of the floor finish, the flooring company doesn’t need to cut around them.
Savings on ceiling finishing
The T200 solution affixes to the ceiling grid with a caddy clip, as for the floor installation there is no need to cut around the walls which translates in less wasted materials and shorter installation.
The mechanical bracing necessary in seismic areas requires the installer removes the tiles and reinstalls them to mechanically affix the top tracks to the slab.

Perfect fit with construction process

Techniwall solutions have an install process that closely tie with standard construction process. We can ship the infrastructure within two to three weeks from shop drawings approval and begin installation while the skins are being produced. This is key to GC’S as Techniwall solutions follow the construction process. Once the whole infrastructure has been built, the wiring can be done and then the inspectors can rubber stamp the installation.
Once the plumbers, electricians and other trades are done Techniwall delivers the finishing skins on site. This prevents you from having to mediate between the different trades to find out who damaged what. T200 infrastructure will not be visible once the finishing skins are all installed.

Organizational change economic answer

In most organizations physical assets are the second most important cost center, exceeded only by human resource.
Facility design can have a major impact on human productivity
Workplace design should offer the ability to quickly respond to internal & external changes.
Designed workplace must optimize client’s current business model and meet mid and long term needs.
With their ability to be quickly and economically reconfigured at minimal cost and no negative environmental impact, TechniWall solutions offer a strategic decision to quickly